iMicron Cloud Marketplace

iMicron Cloud Marketplace

By adopting this secure, flexible platform, enterprises can accelerate and scale up their digitization efforts in a cloud-first economy. They can expect faster turnaround of their infrastructure modernization initiatives, while focusing on delivering best-in-class customer experiences.

With its proven abilities of being a dependable agile platform encompassing a reliable ecosystem of service providers, and business enablement services, the marketplace has removed entry barriers and mitigated all risks in cloud migrations commonly faced by organizations while provisioning cloud services.

The platform’s objective is to provide more operational freedom and remove all technological restrictions for enterprises to achieve their business goals, while allowing them to scale and grow successfully in the markets they serve.



Key differentiators:

  • One stop marketplace for multiple cloud infrastructure workloads
  • Exhaustively compare prices of cloud service providers
  • Zero data transfer charges across global regions
  • Dedicated account management
  • Disaster recovery services across CSPs
  • No contract commitment during sign-ups, anytime opt-out options
  • Option of onboarding the CSP of customer’s choice
  • Wide range of consulting services which includes managed services, DevOps, CMS, BigData and cloud advisory services

We are more than a Cloud Brokerage Platform

iMicron gives you Technology-as-a-service with Analytics, Information Management, and Technology-as-a-Service with DevOps, Databases, CI/CD pipe lines. The services come included with Managed Services and industry standard ITSM – you will have the best and state-of-the art cloud enabled services. The services come on subscription & Pay-as-you-go, Build-Run, Build-Run-Transfer; POC Pilot-Project models.














Content Management Systems

Managed Services that connect puzzle pieces

iMicron not only offers clients fast, secure, and a reliable way of buying cloud but also minimizes operating costs to increase cloud efficiency. iMicron Cloud solutions combined managed services includes manage hosting, data security, and other services to give you quicker ROI. Our managed services include:


Data Storage & Security

Our storage portfolio is designed to address any business need, be a low-level archival storage to high performance storage solutions.



Data Recovery and Backup

Business can leverage our data recovery and backup services to strengthen their business continuity strategies.



Database Management

The database forms an important facet of any application infrastructure. Keeping database performance at an optimal level.



Network Management

iMicron provides an easy-to-use set of tools to optimize network management for improved availability performance.


Key Benefits

Centrally Managed Cloud

iMicron’s cloud management platform centrally manages all cloud services for cloud buyers. With a centrally managed cloud platform, buyers can maintain their entire cloud landscape. From buying managed services, to quick provision or migrating to another cloud, management can be done from a single interface. Additionally, we also provide upfront “cost versus spend” for their cloud services.

Multiple Vendor Management

Multiple teams working with one or more platforms would require multiple cloud environments, which is further hosted by different cloud providers. Now you can move your workloads into multiple clouds and manage them easily without any hassle. This migration would further give you flexibility of not being tied too closely to any single cloud provider.

Ample Options

Evolve your cloud consumption with new technologies and platforms. With good number of choices to make, you can choose more than one cloud or CSP, if single cloud doesn’t fulfill your strategy or requirement.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

No more vendor lock-in problems. Without having to depend on a single cloud service provider and any substantial costs, legal constraints, or technical incompatibilities, you can switch to different cloud service providers.

Compare. Choose. Purchase.

Choose your cloud services and cloud service provider using our comparison feature. Using the cloud is a no-brainer, but picking the right cloud service provider is more important. A complete compilation of over 2000+ instances in cloud services gives complete overview of strengths and weaknesses of all our cloud services.


Real Time Price Comparison

Consider cost-vs-features for all your selected cloud service providers. With simple and straightforward pricing for all the CSPs with substantial discounts, you have agility and flexibility of picking the cloud of your choice.

Filter Based CSP Selection

We have more than 10 filters like CPU Speed, CPU Count, Datacenter Location, Choice of CSP, Cloud Platform, OS Platform, and more, to narrow down your choices to the most relevant CPSs.

Approval Management

Get instant approval by comparing cloud service providers and sharing it with the concerned person. This saves time and efforts of going forth and back in choosing and buying cloud.

Payment and Billing

Shift from capital expenditure to operational expenses using iMicron’s cloud platform that provides single window invoicing by grouping all the cloud services in a single bill, while providing options of getting billed on an hourly or monthly basis. By grouping all your services in one invoice, it becomes easier for your IT team to issue payments.


Subscription Model

More than 2000+ configurations of CSPs to choose from based on a filter of your CSP selection. With our “pay-per-usage” model, we have hourly and monthly subscriptions that give flexibility of choosing services based on requirements without any upfront costs.

Secured Payment Methods

Multiple, easy, and secured payment methods make it easy for users to complete their transactions in the cloud marketplace. Opt from credit card, debit card, or net banking with 3D security.

Offers and Discounts

The iMicron marketplace offers various discounts on web hosting, data servers, data backup, and migration plans.

Account Features

A single interface makes it easy for you to manage your cloud services and payments directly from a personal account. It monitors the IT spending on different cloud services with a complete 360-degree of purchase orders, past invoices, and configuration details.


Single Sign On

iMicron’s single sign-on account gives you access to global cloud service providers to build and deploy servers via “My Account,” saving time and effort.

Unified Dashboard

A unified dashboard includes all services, such as purchase history, past invoices, and past cloud configuration, which gives you a consolidated idea about your cloud consumption with a single point of payment and billing.

Designated Account Managers

With iMicron, registered customers have dedicated account managers responsible for making cloud support & services quick and easy for them. Designated account managers are available for support 24/7.

Cloud Service Providers

iMicron follows a strategic process of selecting and enrolling cloud service providers on the marketplace platform. Evaluation is based on cloud service offerings, market acceleration, and customer reviews, their physical data center locations, and technical expertise.


Abundant Amount of Options

With a presence in more than 26 countries and 15+ global CSP partnerships, iMicron has access to more than 100 datacenters equipped with advanced security features needed for data security and protection.

Flexibility in Choosing Datacenters

With datacenters in 103 locations, choosing a location based on their ease of accessibility is easy for cloud buyers. Contact us to know which datacenter location is the best for you.

Datacenter Highlights

Physical data centers are equipped with security features, network services capacity, data capacity, governed by regulatory policies, and business laws. It gives complete security in terms of data security and protection against data breaches.

Single Window Support

With more cloud services, accelerated deployment, and increased consumption of iMicron cloud solutions, we provide you personalized support in every stage right from choosing cloud, deployment, back-up, and billing assistance to transform your business.


Single Window Support

With a single window support, for all cloud services, clients using Softlayer, Nephoscale, or Lunacloud can raise a ticket about the problems they have and our iMicron team will contact the CSP to resolve the problem.

Support for Every Service

Our support team can help you with technical queries, billing details, customized solutions for the cloud, and choosing the right cloud. Share your requirements with them and they will help you in finding the right cloud for your business.

Dedicated Cloud Support Team

iMicron has built a team of dedicated cloud specialists available via online chat, email, or phone. Support tickets are solved within 24 hours with a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Our cloud support team strives to provide you with the best cloud specialist so your cloud experience is unlike any other.

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