Data Storage & Security

Data Storage & Security

Our storage portfolio is designed to address any business need, be a low-level archival storage to high performance storage solutions meant for complex database environments. We have expertise in understanding your storage requirements by thoroughly analyzing your capacity planning needs and suggesting the best solution fit, it can either a dedicated storage solution or a multi-tenancy solution. Organizations can also leverage our multi-layered managed security services to mitigate all intrusion risks and protect valuable data from any threat vectors.

Service features:

  • Choose data residence: You can choose your data location based on user geographies, our experts will ensure total integrity of data, and business compliance, we also ensure a robust architecture having no single point of failure
  • Data loss protection: Our immediate snapshot recovery services assures the latest copy of data is available to you even at times of data corruption
  • Customizable storage options: We can support a range of storage performance protocols, tiers and a pay-as-you-use model to optimize storage costs. You can also avail a hybrid storage model to meet your business goals.
  • Reliable firewalls and DDoS prevention: Strong, dependable network security through third generation firewalls, capable of preventing highly refined cyber-attacks by implanting security policies at port levels.
  • Content filtering and threat blocking: Ability to prevent attack vectors by filtering various forms of content, including packet inspection and malware blocking

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