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Network Management

Network Management

iMicron’s network management supervises the individual components of a network within a complex network structure to help you improve network visibility, reduce costs and leads you to command and control of your cloud solutions. With the addition of a large number of devices and the diversity of devices on the network, network management helps in keeping track of the changing network needs through a set of systemic actions.

iMicron’s Approach

iMicron provides an easy-to-use set of tools to optimize network management for improved availability performance in your enterprise environments. We deploy high-performance dedicated servers from our global partner network of datacenters which maintains all aspects of your network. Our Network Managed Services can help to enhance your ability to meet customers’ expectations by assuring performance, capacity, and coverage of networks and services.

A network management may be right for your business:

  • If you are looking for network architecture: Robust network infrastructure can accommodate growing data volumes and increasing bandwidth requirements.
  • If you are looking for network monitoring: 24/7 proactive monitoring and management of the WAN.
  • If you are looking for network automation: A centralized network management and orchestration platform for automated integration and managing network devices and services.
  • If you are looking for network troubleshooting: Detects a network fault and rectifies it before users even become aware of it.

Take advantage of our in-house Network Management Services:

Faster Application Deployment
Reduced Downtime
Consistent End-User Experiences
A Tailored Toolkit to Improve Network Adaptability
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