iMicron Unity: Enterprise Cloud
Management Platform.

iMicron Unity

Influence your Enterprise’s hybrid cloud strategy with the complete cloud management platform.

The cloud architecture strategy can be quite complex for Enterprises. In the rapidly changing cloud computing environment, iMicron Unity empowers enterprises to boost IT resources with a unified view of the IT services. Imagine the power of hybrid cloud infrastructure with operative cost optimizations, governance, service management, inventory classifications, lifecycle operations, cloud automation coupled with access to global locations and best-in-class cloud service providers, all in one platform – Enterprises are empowered with right decision making. Get the untapped potential of your IT resources with iMicron Unity.



iMicron Functional Benefits



Unified dashboard view of the enterprise’s cloud usage

  • Single-view, unified management
  • Enhanced enterprise scalability
  • Visibility to all workloads costs (current & future estimates)
  • Multiple cloud utilization reporting
  • Provides project-based workload assignment


  • Scheduling of instances and even usage or downtime
  • Structural workflow requests and approvals
  • Start and stop at any instance as per the requirement
  • Reduce active hands-on operations with daily activity logs
  • Ease of management of resources

Workflow Allocation & Management

  • Workflow mapping – Streamlining workload transfer requests and approval processes
    Two divisions of workflow mappings: 

    • L0: No permission required to transfer the workload from one department to another
    • L1: A layer added to grant permission to transfer or release the workload


Allocate workloads seamlessly

  • Identify, provision, release, and allocate workloads
  • Seamless flow between business units based on demand and in compliance with business policies
    User Management Roles
  • Built-in role-based access with policy enforcement and governance


iMicron unity can provide substantial benefits to every level of the organization, be it business unit heads, administrators or associates. The platform has the ability to:


Offer exceptional user experiences

Monitor every component of your infrastructure from a single console to continuously monitor performance and fix any bottlenecks. Gain complete control by know root cause of issues and their occurrences for faster resolution to drive better end user experiences.

Minimize cost and complexity

Simplify infrastructure operations through a Unified view of your IT infrastructure i.e. legacy + cloud., while optimally leveraging resources to rationalize costs and boost productivity.

Improve resource provisioning

Extract better value from cloud infrastructure by deriving insights into faster adoption of cloud, this can enable in improved scalability and optimal use of resources.

Remain Future Ready

A one stop solution to stay connected with the infrastructure and business needs of the future through a unified cloud governance platform integrated with cloud marketplace.

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