iMicron products benefit organizations by helping lower IT costs, access resources remotely, manage tools efficiently, and enhance security.

iMicron Cloud Marketplace

Drive legacy infrastructure transformation through our cloud marketplace which offers a comprehensive portfolio of services and offerings for business across industry domains. This differentiating cloud platform can help business of varying sizes, including start-ups, small and medium business or large enterprises.


Marketplace Value Proposition:

  • Choose, compare and purchase a cloud service based on business needs
  • Single dashboard view of server performance
  • View the status quo of all provisioned and operational servers
  • Allows users to have a snapshot view of their cloud marketplace account
  • Activity stream to monitor the current activities performed on the cloud server
  • Start or stop the server at the click of a button
  • Guided support console for start-ups in choosing the best hosting servers
  • Customizable to bespoke business needs


Enterprise/hybrid cloud management solutions – iMicron Unity

Enterprises worldwide are adopting cloud as the key driver of digital transformation.

From increasing business agility, streamlining costs, and driving innovation, cloud is being increasingly leveraged to integrate and manage small to large scale heterogeneous IT environments. This transition to cloud computing can be challenging given the myriad IT systems, the need to synergize application functionalities, ensuring data security across private, public and hybrid cloud environments and driving effective governance and visibility of services across the cloud ecosystem.

Computing infrastructures can get more complex and dynamic, accelerating and keeping pace with the IT infrastructural demands can be stressful on legacy infrastructure.


By knowing these challenges, we have a developed a phased approach while transforming your business to cloud:

  • Maximize infrastructure adoption by integrating siloed IT environments
  • Integrate fragmented platforms and improve governance
  • Ensure flexibility and secure end user access

Also, today’s data center constructs looks redundant with straining IT budgets, increased power consumption, and user demands for real time data and analytics.

The increasing rate of sophisticated computing demands and large scale IT environments, has placed the need for a new paradigm, a unified hybrid cloud infrastructure which combines on-premise technologies with private and public cloud.



Reseller Program

iMicron’s reseller programs is a profitable business proposition through which you can enable value for your clients. Our future ready, scalable platform ensures you leverage the monetary benefits of digitization in a cloud-only world. With a secure, robust, infrastructure, tools, processes and services, you can head start digital transformation for your clients, be it a start-up, small medium business or a large industry player.


Key Highlights of iMicron’s Reseller Program:

  • Customize your cloud infrastructure offering
  • Rebrand cloud services as per your target market needs
  • Integrate it with your payment gateway
  • Promote cloud offerings through attractive promotional offers


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