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Database Management

Database Management

iMicron’s database management services enable a centralized view of data that can be accessed by multiple users, from multiple locations, in a controlled manner. It manages the entire data lifecycles through creation, definition, and manipulation of the database that helps you make better business decisions, faster.

iMicron’s Approach

Our certified DBA’s offer complete database management and maintenance services. We help you identify your mission-critical data and implement a seamless transfer in the new system ensuring data harmonization and consolidation at the same time.

A database management may be right for your business:

  • If you are looking for administration and monitoring: Our data governance system always keeps you informed of the data status.
  • If you need performance tuning: Automatic performance enhancers optimizes the functioning of system components.
  • If you need patch management: Installs software patches for quickly addressing software vulnerabilities.
  • If you need database upgradations and migration: Fast track migration and upgrades ensure zero-time lag.

Take advantage of our in-house Database Management Services:

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