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Data Recovery and Backup

Data Recovery and Backup

A robust data backup system secures your enterprise data against accidental losses, database corruption or hardware failures. This is pivotal to a successful disaster recovery (DR) plan. A backup process is generally applied to critical databases in accordance with service-level agreements (SLAs) to stipulate how quickly data must be restored.

iMicron’s Approach

iMicron automatic backup allows you to save your files directly to the cloud without having to do anything. You can even decide on what types of files should be backed up automatically. We also offer data recovery expertise for post-storage failures and crashes, infrastructure failure identification and reconstruction, and recovery of data deleted by mistake.

Data Recovery and Backup may be right for you if:

  • You want an instant recovery: Swift recovery from crashes and errors, including restart ability and recoverability.
  • You need a weekly backup: An automated weekly makeup sends weekly reports.
  • You are looking for data retrieval: Ensures rapid and reliable data retrieval whenever the need arises.
  • You need data replication: Captures a point-in-time snapshot to return data to its previous state.

Take advantage of our in-house Data Recovery and Backup Services:

Efficient Incremental Backup
Scheduled or On-Demand Backups and Restores
Cost Effective and Maintenance Free
Operational Recovery Tools
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