ITaaS—Ideal Way to Control Your Spending


With technology taking giant leaps, the complexities are undoubtedly on high. At times they are overlapping and consuming not just the cost, but also time and. Is there a way out to this issue? If this is the questions, ITaaS (Information Technology as a Service) is undoubtedly the right solution.

If we look at the timeline of IT, the major part was dominated by the traditional IT infrastructure. Businesses had to invest a lot of capital in buying and maintenance of the IT Infrastructure. The scenario changed with the introduction of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS).

Introduction of service-as-a model was a paradigm shift. Organizations moved from a heavy CAPEX model to a pay-as-you-use model which helped them reduced their operational cost. Organizations started adopting various service-as-a models, the most common being Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). The very next logical step was the introduction of IT as a Service (ITaaS).

What is IT-as-a-Service?

Wikipedia defines it as “a competitive business model where an enterprise IT organization views the LOBs as having many options for IT services and the IT organization has to compete against those other options to be the provider to the needs of the LOBs. Options for providers other than the internal IT organization may include outsourcing companies and public cloud providers.”

Based on the service-a-a-model, IT-as-a-Service is a model that allows you to source IT services as and when required on a subscription-based model. The organizations can fulfill any other IT requirements in a lean, efficient, convenient way, paying for exactly what they need, when they need it.

McKinsey & Company in its “2016 IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure” called ITaaS as “fundamental shift from building IT to consuming IT”

It is a growing concern for organizations to subscribe to n number of IT services to stay ahead in the race. ITaaS comes in as a respite. Everything that’s required for the smooth IT operations such as end-user support, managed services, migration, consulting., are offered as bundled services.

Major benefits of adopting ITaaS include:

  • Cost Effective:  Traditional IT infrastructure, a huge upfront cost is incurred in the purchase of hardware, software and employing staff to manage it. Whereas in ITaaS one of the key benefits of ITaaS is that you pay only for what you use. With ITaaS, companies can have clear cost projections which can save them from uncertain capital expenditures.
  • Efficient: With ITaaS, organizations can outsource their IT support and management to a vendor who can remotely manage your IT infrastructure. ITaaS helps organizations in streamlining the process, speed up their development of your organization.
  • Scalability: Organizations these days must speed up to the competition to stay ahead. With ITaaS, organizations can scale up or down as per the business requirements as compared to the traditional IT infrastructure which takes a lot of time and investment.
  • Security: One of the main concerns of the IT department is keeping the systems UpToDate with the latest security patches etc. By delegating to an ITaaS partner, organizations’ s IT department can be stress-free as the vendor will monitor and maintain their IT systems by regularly updating the system, making sure the infrastructure is as per the compliances and also by taking harsh security measures to keep the data safe.

Shifting to ITaaS model has a lot of benefits, with some of them listed above, but it is important to partner with an expert for a smooth service. iMicron provides end-to-end IT services and managed services to organizations. To see how we can help your organizations send us an email at

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