Why Having a Cloud Management Platform is Essential to Your Enterprise IT Strategy


When the history of technology unfolds its chapters, the technology that captivates anyone is—Cloud Computing. With an agility to scale up the IT enterprises to new heights, cloud computing is witnessing many IT companies embracing it. However, Cloud computing comes bundled with a set of challenges such as—no control over expenditure, handling information overload, which can make an enterprise’s ROI go for a toss. While cloud computing is essential to bolster the business, it is equally important to adopt to a proper Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

What exactly is CMP?

According to Gartner, Cloud Management is optimizing the workload through self-service user interface, system images, metering and workload through established policies.

Cloud Management Platform is key to your enterprise IT strategy. Several surveys were conducted to know the opinion of C level executives. In fact, a recent survey by Scalr on Cloud Management Platform has revealed interesting results. A recent survey revealed that CMP is likely to witness a growth of 34.3 % by 2022 to touch $241. 13 billion whopping figures.

The benefits of having Cloud Management Platform:

  • Easy IT Infrastructure Management: According to IT experts, many companies use at least five or six cloud & IT environments. This typically means, the mix of private, public cloud and on-premise. It is a herculean task for the IT team to manage so many cloud environments. By adopting to Cloud Management Platform, the IT teams will get a 360-degree view of the IT infrastructure on just a single pre-built dashboard.
  • Easy Resource Management: How do CEO, COO’s and other C rank officers get the complete visibility into the IT infrastructure? This is often a tricky question when companies use multiple clouds without a standard Cloud Management Platform in place. However, the companies that adopted CMPs will have a single dashboard where all the information pertaining to the workload, allocated resources and the total cost of the projects is available on the dashboard.
  • Easy Compliance: Although scalable, using a single cloud ecosystem can be complex especially the deployment procedures and payment models are not properly structured. It facilitates performance management features with which the key staff can generate the performance reports with ease. Further, CMP eliminates the chain system in the company that results in the wastage of time and efforts. An employee can directly logon to the dashboard and start, stop, release or transfer the workload.
  • Resource Planning: Since the single cloud ecosystem involves data to be structured, it requires a good number of resources to work on the tasks. Cloud Management Platform permanently fixes this issue. Reporting managers will have a complete track of developments through the dashboards, and they will be able to scale up or down any resource depending on the requirements. In a recent survey, 52% of leadership teams said that they would consider switching to cloud management platform as it provides itemized billing.

These are some of the reasons why cloud platform management should be considered as one of the key IT cloud enterprise strategies. In case, you are a cloud user and still not moved to CMP, you must take a concrete decision to streamline your daily operations.

iMicron’s Hybrid cloud management solution (iMicron Unity) empowers enterprises to achieve optimization of cloud usage with allocation of resources, integration of business processes, to boost performance, contain cost and implement compliance across on-premise, private and public cloud environments. For more information on our Hybrid Cloud Management Solution – iMicron Unity get in touch with our experts at contact@imicron.com

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