INFOGRAPHIC: Migrating on-premise applications to the cloud


According to recent stats, it is estimated that by 2020, more than 1/3rd of the data will pass through the cloud. Organizations are working to move their key enterprise applications to cloud. In most of the cases, organizations are facing a lot of challenge in moving their applications to cloud as they have limited knowledge of how to migrate to cloud (technical know-how) or due to lack of planning. Cloud migrations can be challenging. It needs a lot of planning to have a successful migration.

Some of the challenges faced by organizations while migrating are:

  • Not having proper details and the scope with respect to operating systems, security system and compliance requirements.
  • Limited access to accurate tools
  • Limited CMBD

To help you have a smooth migration, we have put up an infographic stating the things to consider while moving to cloud.


Still thinking of moving to cloud? Check out infographic stating the benefits of moving to cloud: click here. Looking for a partner to help you move to cloud?  Contact us at and our cloud experts will get back to know.

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