Why are SAP Workloads Moving to Cloud?


Businesses nowadays have started to realize the benefits of moving their business to cloud environment. According to reports, by 2020, 67% of enterprise IT infrastructure and software will be for cloud-based offerings. As per Gartner, through 2017, 80% of organizations saw an increase in their IT spending on cloud services, despite moderate increases in overall IT spending. Cloud Computing has become an important strategic plan for an organization looking to be a part of the digital transformation wave and has become the IT platform of choice for application development, deployments and for ongoing operations of an organization. In the earlier years, most of the businesses were reluctant to cloud adoption and were slow to move their strategic workloads to a cloud environment. The question that is haunting the businesses today is not if the cloud should be a part of their future enterprise strategy. Today, they’re asking how and when: what quantity of their technology stack should they move to cloud environments? How can they do it? And what’s the best path? This shift in the outlook of businesses has helped convince businesses especially organizations using ERP systems like SAP to move there to the cloud environments.

Organizations these days focus on streamlining their operations, reducing costs, mitigating risks and increase agility to stay competitive in the market. But the organizations are still in a dilemma if they should move their Tier 1 workloads like to SAP to cloud. SAP has always been associated with traditional data centers, and the popularity of its SAP HANA has made SAP to consider cloud as an important part of their future strategic plans. SAP has been encouraging its customers to plan & adopt cloud migration and is even issuing directions and rules to help them migrate from SAP to cloud. Additionally, SAP has signaled that SAP Business Suite is set for the end of life status by 2025 and SAP clients will need to migrate to S/4 HANA by 2025. But to save duplication of work, its advisable to move your SAP workloads to the cloud environment.

The many benefits of moving your SAP workloads to the cloud:

  • Reduce Cost: Organizations spent a lot of their capital on maintaining their IT Infrastructure. With the cloud, organizations can transform their CAPEX to OPEX.
  • Scalability & Flexibility: With the cloud, you can scale up your system as and when required. Add or remove resources when the business demands.
  • Maintenance: With the cloud, your IT department doesn’t have to worry about managing and maintaining the servers or in-house IT infrastructure, the cloud service provider will handle it for your organization.
  • Quick & easy set up: Businesses can set up their cloud environments within a few hours, whereas, in-house IT infrastructure set-up takes days and sometimes month to set up. IT teams can easily configure and manage the setup remotely.
  • Automatic updates: One of the benefits of the cloud is that the servers are off-premise, the cloud service provider takes care of the regular software & security updates for you. So, you don’t have to worry about maintaining the system all the time and are free to focus on your business.
  • Uptime & quality of service: For businesses these days, uptime is of prime importance to run the daily business smoothly. Moving to the cloud maximizes uptime and reduces downtime.
  • Disaster Recovery: Businesses spend a huge amount of their capital on robust disaster recovery tool to save themselves from any security threat. Businesses are using the cloud to protect their data from disasters. With the cloud, businesses can recover the data quickly after a disaster and be back in business.
  • Remote access: With the cloud, your employees can access data from anywhere, and at any time via internet making business more flexible and increase the productivity of the employees.
  • Not moved to Cloud yet?

More than 1.6 million business people have adopted cloud computing. If you are still thinking to move your workloads to cloud or not, we suggest you give this article another read or better is to drop us a message click here, and our Cloud Consulting expert will help you decide.

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