Infographic: Benefits of Cloud

Cloud computing brings with it a new era of business efficiency and responsiveness. According to IDC, 69% of the businesses are using cloud technology in one way or the other, 18% plan to adopt cloud technology at some point. With the right implementation cloud can enable both business and technology to bring in a positive change. With the buzz around cloud, the limitations of traditional IT Infrastructure are becoming more apparent.

Cloud computing works on a similar principle as email, google drive which allows users to access information from anywhere. There are 3 types of cloud computing namely:

  • Private Cloud: The private cloud is a type of cloud computing designed for a specific client and operated solely by them. It comprises of a software-defined datacentre architecture that combines essential hardware and other computing resources into a unified virtualized unit.
  • Public Cloud: A public cloud is a form of cloud computing built on a multi- tenant environment, relying on a third-party cloud service provider for services such as applications, also known as Software as a Service (SaaS), and storage
  • Hybrid Cloud: A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service solution, involving both private and public cloud platforms, to perform distinct functions within the same organization.

Cloud computing can benefits companies in many ways, depending upon their size, scale, sector and strategic goals. Check out this infographic to know the top 5 benefits of cloud computing adoption.

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