Announcing the launch of our new website


iMicron by Techwave is proud to announce the launch of our new website with coincides with our goal to provide UNIFIED CLOUD ENABLED SOLUTIONS for enterprises. This new website gives a clear message as to who we are, our values and our aim to revolutionize the way businesses use Cloud technology and IT. Visit the new website at

Our primary goal with the launch of this new website is to provide our website visitors with an easier way to know more about iMicron’ s products, solutions, and services. We want the user to access all information with ease without skipping any content section. The way to this was to divide our offerings into three main sections – ProductsSolutions, and Services. Along with the offerings the website gives access to about Us, blogs, media, careers, contact us and request a demo page. With a clean design and intuitive design and with an improved navigation system with better menu functionality directs the visitors to the relevant information. The website has a range of new content to the website including iMicron products, solutions and services, and a request a demo page. In addition, we have given a much-needed face-lift to our blogs section and enabling a sign-up option for iMicron Newsletter.

With improved content, the website visitors get more relevant information from a quick read. The website is responsive on mobile devices, making it easier to browse from any portable devices.

Going forward we’ll update our blogs on a weekly basis and introduce a monthly newsletter. We also plan to add video content along with e-books, case studies, white papers, product specifications documents to provide the visitors with much-needed information to know more about iMicron offerings.

Along with this, the site is integrated with social media buttons for FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to have better and improved communication with our website visitors. The marketing team will be regularly updating the content with useful information, articles, blogs, newsletter, and announcements.

We’re proud of our new website and feel it will create the experienced visitor is looking for when they visit the iMicron website.

About iMicron:

iMicron offers cloud-enabled Enterprise IT services through a Unified Cloud Platform. The Unified cloud platform provides the key value to enterprises struggling to find the right way to manage their IT and cloud. Solutions like DevOps, Analytics, PaaS on cloud and hybrid cloud management suite bring the right solutions to enterprise IT. With partnerships with top cloud providers and in-house multiple cloud expertise – iMicron gives widely reaching and deeply specialized solutions while preserving the cloud advantage. iMicron is the only product to bring solution, cloud, and support – in one platform.

For more information email us at

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