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Startups build their businesses with the help of cloud computing services. These services provide instant access to all computing power. iMicron provides startups with low cost and easy to use infrastructure that is needed to scale and grow your business.

The iMicron Startup program is designed to provide your startup with all the resources you need to get started on the cloud. With full access to our cloud platform services, you can now have your cloud services, without the headache of managing them. Tailor them as you want and deploy them on a need basis.  From datacentre to cloud storage, and cloud platform,  iMicron have you covered, from all places.

Our objective here is to help Startups, to have more parameters while choosing between cloud providers. And all these are done while remembering that the most important thing is not wasting too much of time on this task.

Take Advantage of Our Cloud Services

Choose Your Cloud
With a variety of options, you can choose more than one cloud or CSP.

Select Your Requirement
We have more than 10 filters to narrow down your choices to the most relevant CPSs. The filters include CPU Speed, CPU Count, Datacentre Location, Choice of CSP, Cloud Platform, and OS Platform.

No Upfront Costs
You can start directly with our pay per usage model without investing anything in infrastructure costs. This ensures your money is invested economically.

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