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iMicron offers a range of cloud services that suits your demands. With our Compute Cloud, services have become  more agile and cost-saving for global businesses.

Choose from a Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud Service and receive a complete, end-to-end solution from a single point of contact to meet your requirements. You can find the best match for all your requirements from a range of options. All these with complete implementations and an unparalleled customer service. Our open environment enhances disparate elements of your IT architecture, which further allows you to transform your firm, scaling up or down seamlessly.

iMicron has the in-depth knowledge to ensure the cloud resources are available whenever you need them, with streamlined functionality, so your access to the cloud is simple, yet efficient.

Take Advantage of Our Cloud Services

Choose Your Cloud
With a variety of options, you can choose more than one cloud or CSP.

Select Your requirement
We have more than 10 filters to narrow down your choices to the most relevant CPSs. The filters include CPU Speed, CPU Count, Datacentre Location, Choice of CSP,  Cloud Platform, and OS Platform.

Deploy Within Minutes
Pick the server resources— RAM, CPU, and storage, per your need, and get your cloud server up and running in minutes.

Our Customers


Account Features
Manage your cloud services and payments directly from a personal account. It acts as a single interface for monitoring the IT spending on different cloud services with a complete 360-view of purchase orders, past invoices, and configuration details.

  • Single Sign On
  • Unified Dashboard
  • Designated Account Managers
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Cloud Service Providers
iMicron follows a strategic process of selecting cloud service providers. Evaluation is based on cloud service offerings, market acceleration and customer reviews, their physical datacentre locations, and technical expertise. Once the process is done, they are enrolled by us on a marketplace platform.

  • Abundant Amount of Options
  • Flexibility in Choosing Datacentres
  • Datacentre Highlights
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Single Window Support
With more cloud services, accelerate deployment, and increased consumption of iMicron cloud solutions we provide you handheld support. Our personalized support at every stage right from choosing cloud, deployment, backup, and billing. We assist in transforming your business.

  • Single Window Support
  • Support for Every Service
  • Dedicated Cloud Support Team
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Let’s discuss how we can support you to quickly get on Cloud.