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Cloud Consulting

iMicron maximizes your cloud journey with our cloud consulting services. Our cloud consultants can help you transform your business through planning, building, and executing to better control your cloud initiatives.

iMicron provides exclusive cloud consulting solutions based on your business’ needs and requirements. These cost-effective solutions are tailored to your business for a seamless experience.


Account Features
Manage your cloud services and payments directly from personal account. It acts as a single interface for monitoring the IT spend on different cloud services with a complete 360 view of purchase orders, past invoices, configuration details etc.

  • Single Sign On
  • Unified dashboard
  • Designated account managers
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Cloud Service Providers
iMicron follows strategic process of selecting cloud service providers. Evaluation is based on cloud service offerings, market acceleration and customer reviews, their physical data center locations and technical expertise. Once all the process is done, they get enrolled by us on marketplace platform.

  • Availability of ample choices
  • Flexibility in choosing datacenters
  • Datacenter Highlights
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Single Window Support
With more cloud services, accelerate deployment, and increased consumption of iMicron cloud solutions we provide you hand held support. Our personalized support in every stage right from choosing cloud, deployment, back-up and billing assist to transform your business.

  • Single window support
  • Support for every service
  • Dedicated cloud support team
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