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Data Security and Storage

Data Security and Storage

iMicron understands the importance of your business data and strives to provide the best of data security. Data security measures and keep a check on unauthorized access while safeguarding the data from any sort of malicious hacking. Though considered as one single step peripheral checking, a complete data security strategy allows for backup data storage, in online or offline mode. This is done to protect against any critical data hemorrhage.

iMicron’s Approach

iMicron gives you complete control over your data, allowing you to secure it per your specific requirement. We provide complete database protection services and our protection covers not only on real-time data but also offline backup data.

Data Security and Storage may be right for your business if:

  • You want an access control: A locking mechanism for concurrent access.
  • You need a scalable cloud storage: We offer a 3-tier data storage system, specially designed for optimum accessibility.
  • You need a data encryption: Encrypted, safe, and secure data transfer.
  • You are looking for de-duplication: Expand storage while reducing infrastructure cost.

Take advantage of our in-house Data Security and Storage Services:

Automated Alerts and Notifications
Follows Standard Regulatory Compliance
Fast, Durable, and Consistent Storage
Multiple Storage Technology Options
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