Platform-as-a-Service is a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud. It enables delivery of everything, from simple cloud-based apps to sophisticated, cloud-enabled enterprise applications.

With Technology-as-a-Service, you only need to manage the applications and services developed by you while everything else is managed by us. Avoid the unnecessary expenses and complexity of buying and managing software licenses, underlying application infrastructure and middleware, or the development tools and other resources.


A software engineering practice and culture to unify software development (Dev) and software Operations (Ops).



The creation, modification, and management of digital content supporting multiple users.



Data collected, organized, stored, and accessed in an electronic manner.


Advantages of Technology-as-a-Service

Technology-as-a-Service offers the same advantages as Infrastructure-as-a-Service with additional features like middleware, development tools, and other business tools.

  • Reduced app coding time. Pre-coded Technology-as-a-Service development tools like workflow, directory services, security features, search, etc. help cut time taken to code new apps.
  • Build team capabilities without adding staff. Technology-as-a-Service components can build new capabilities for your development team, reducing the need to hire staff with required skills.
  • More development options. Develop apps and softwares for multiple platforms, making cross-platform apps easier and quicker to develop.
  • Affordable usage. Pay-as-you-go models make it affordable for individuals or organizations to use sophisticated development software, business intelligence and analytics tools.
  • Remote working possibility. Development teams can work on a single project remotely.
  • Manage application lifecycle. Technology-as-a-Service capacitates management of the complete web application lifecycle, from building, testing, deploying, managing, to updating within the same integrated environment.

How can Infrastructure-as-a-Service help you? OR What can Infrastructure-as-a-Service do for your business?

  • A strong framework for developers to build, develop, or customize cloud-based applications with reduced amount of coding due to scalability, high-availability, and multi-tenant capability.
  • Analyze and mine data, find insights and patterns, and predict business outcomes.
  • Improve forecasting, product design decisions, investment returns, and other business decisions.
  • Additional services to strengthen applications like workflow, directory, security, and scheduling.

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