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Our Datacentre

iMicron understands the need for high performance and reliable hosting solutions and our CSPs are selected after a rigorous checking and validation process. Every CSP goes through the iMicron vetting procedure which includes evaluations of product maturity, past successes/issues, vendor history and stability, and the infrastructure of the physical datacentre. Our integrated CSPs are renowned names and extremely conscious about the ever-changing and complicated IT and cloud security standards that need to be met for business purposes.

Our Cloud Service Providers

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Our Datacentre Highlights

Security Features-01

Security Features
Access control systems, bollards, surveillance, power back-ups, limited entry points and proper heating and ventilation systems, fire suppression and water detection systems.

Network Services Capacity-01

Network Services Capacity
Optimized server, storage, network, and facilities assets for maximizing capacity and availability to support changing business.

Mind-boggling data capacity-01-01

Large Data Capacity
High volume capacity to manage the full life cycle of data. Use sophisticated approaches to data storage and backup.

Business and Regulatory Compliance

Business and Regulatory Compliance
We are governed and abide by the regulatory policies, procedures, and processes based on the geography.