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Cloud Technology in Pharmaceuticals

According to recent statistics, 83% of IT organizations in the pharmaceutical industry use cloud services. It is estimated that the global adoption of cloud services in the healthcare industry will grow to almost $9.5 billion by 2020. The recent trends of personalized medicines, intensive R&D, stringent regulation and large data volume is driving cloud adoption in the industry. With iMicron Cloud marketplace, you can also free up your IT resources, and dedicate them to drive innovation for the development of new products.

How iMicron can be of assistance

Offsite database management

Offsite database management

With iMicron, pharmaceutical companies can choose data centers that fulfill the regulatory compliance laws for data management services. This frees up the core IT resources from managing the onsite data and the needed infrastructure. Your IT resources can be deployed to augment your company’s core competencies like clinical research, new drug trials, and testing and driving more commercial, supply chain, and enterprise functions.

Managed services for business-critical applications

iMicron can help you choose the right server for running your mission-critical business applications. With ample choices, available on our marketplace, we can also provide customized solutions when required.

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Handling tons of data with security and back-up-01-01

Handling large volumes data with security and backup

iMicron employs a team of 150 cloud specialists with experience in managing data, enabling security and ensuring a proper back-up. All our cloud service providers have a legacy in managing data with an uptime of 99.99% backed by all physical and virtual security measures.

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