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Reinventing manufacturing with On-Demand Cloud

About 35% of manufacturing companies are getting value from their cloud investments. With iMicron cloud marketplace, yours can too. iMicron marketplace presents complete aggregation of cloud technologies to keep pace with your business’s scalability.

Be cloud-first with iMicron Cloud Marketplace

Cloud expertise for Manufacturing

Cloud expertise for manufacturing

iMicron Cloud marketplace is built with efficiency to scale based on production requirements for manufacturing organizations. With 2000+ instances of hourly and monthly configurations available on single platforms,  it’s easy for IT people to choose, deploy, provision, use and discard configurations. There’s no additional investment apart from the normal costs charged by the respective CSPs for managing the cloud you chose.

Put your CAPEX to the right use

With iMicron cloud marketplace, you can use your CAPEX  by investing in machinery, improve and optimize your supply chain or enhance the customer experience. With iMicron flexible payment options of “Pay-as-per-use”, you can better manage your IT costs. You can easily switch off cloud service that are not in use and can restart it when it is required.

Put your Capex to right use-01
Advanced SLAs for Manufacturing companies-01

Advanced SLAs for manufacturing companies

We understand your manufacturing business is critical. In addition to providing you with an SLA for uptime, security and system stability, we also provide disaster recovery, migration services, consulting on the right cloud to use as per your requirements.

iMicron Cloud Offerings

Cloud your way

Cloud your way

Often, businesses find the experience of building and maintaining their own public, private or hybrid cloud complicated and time-consuming. Cloud can be painful to build, deploy, and manage but it also provides the opportunity for businesses to scale up and grow. iMicron can help you in build your own cloud and take full advantage, leading to the increased bottom line.  Select the type of cloud which is ideal for your business based on the type of data you are working with, the security levels, management and IT infrastructure. iMicron provides you with different options for cloud deployment.

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