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Cloud On Demand for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions work under a highly-regulated environment with high risks of data security. The amount and nature of data are prone to attack and needs trusted CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) to handle their data, manage backups, recover, and provide them right consultation. Around 70% of financial institutions have significant success and measurable results of 16-18% savings on investments with infrastructure operations outsourcing. With the Fin-tech industry growing and everything moving online, businesses need to provision right cloud technology based on their usage, users, and scalability.  The iMicron Cloud marketplace helps you to drive efficiency and agility results required with financial institutions.

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Aggregation of many cloud offerings and services

With iMicron Cloud marketplace, financial organizations receive a full spectrum of cloud services. From virtualization to cloud storage, data backup and security with economies of scale, there’s no hassle of multiple vendors for different cloud services as iMicron gives them complete aggregation of cloud services.

Complete data security and confidentiality

iMicron Cloud marketplace comprises of more than 15 renowned CSPs, which have been integrated into the marketplace after clearing the iMicron vetting process. It includes a complete check of their past records, clients, physical data locations, success rates and the length of time they have been into business. We make sure that all your data lies in safe hands without putting them at risk.

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High-capacity performance servers

 iMicron provides you with high-capacity performance servers that can support high volume per transaction per users without hindering the user experience or be creating any disturbances in business processes.

iMicron Cloud Offerings

Cloud your way

Cloud Your Way

Often, businesses find the experience of building and maintaining their own public, private or hybrid cloud complicated and time-consuming. Cloud can be painful to build, deploy, and manage but it also provides the opportunity for businesses to scale up and grow. iMicron can help you in build your own cloud and take full advantage, leading to the increased bottom line. Select the type of cloud which is ideal based on the type of data you are working with, the security levels, management, and IT infrastructure. iMicron provides you with different options for cloud deployment

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