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Raise the Learning Curve with Cloud Technology

43% of higher education institutes have implemented or are maintaining cloud computing. With iMicron Cloud, you too can be a part of the revolution the education industry is experiencing. There is a need for the education sector to fill the gap and begin incorporating the latest technology into their operations; however, educators all over the world, struggle to meet the financial challenges while adopting a change in infrastructure. Now, with the emergence of e-learning, cloud technology has been redefining a progressive education system in a very economical way.

iMicron's Solutions

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Update on-premise infrastructure ­­­

iMicron can easily address the challenge of maximizing the computing, networking, and storage resources of the already available infrastructure through migration to cloud. We provide deduplication service using a cloud -hosted mode to expand storage levels and forestall the capital investment in more storage

Access and share data 

iMicron provides a virtual private cloud that makes access to data simpler for students and teachers. With the help of our cloud-based software tools, you can store, edit and share without the need of any hardware investments. This feature also allows teachers and students the ability to set up groups to work on projects and assignments in the cloud.

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On-demand computing resources for higher education-01

On-demand computing resources for higher education

In several fields including Computer Science, Biotechnology, Genetics, Statistics, and even Market Research, educators and researchers are dealing with increasingly large amounts of data. Processing and analyzing such large data requires a very high level of computing resources. iMicron cloud servers are available on-demand and for a short span. This keeps the costs under control while allowing complete access to innovative infrastructure.

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