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Single Window Support

Single Window Support

With more cloud services, accelerate deployment, and increased consumption of iMicron cloud solutions we provide you hand held support. Our personalized support in every stage right from choosing cloud, deployment, back-up and billing assist to transform your business.

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Single Window Support

With a single window support, for all cloud services, clients using Softlayer, Nephoscale or Lunacloud can raise a ticket about the problems they have and our iMicron team will contact the CSP to resolve the problem.

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Support for Every Service

Our support team can help you with technical queries, billing details, customized solutions for the cloud, and choosing the right cloud. Share your requirements with them and they will help you in finding the right cloud for your business.

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Dedicated Cloud Support Team

iMicron has built a team of dedicated cloud specialists available via online chat, email, or phone. Support tickets are solved within 24 hours with a 99% customer satisfaction rate. Our cloud support team strives to provide you with the best cloud specialist so your cloud experience is unlike any other.

iMicron Managed Services

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End-to-End Managed Services

iMicron not only offers clients fast, secure, and reliable way of buying cloud but also minimizes operating costs to increase cloud efficiency. iMicron cloud solutions combined managed services including managed hosting, data security, and other services to give you quicker ROI.

Our managed services include:

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