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Cloud Service Providers

Cloud Service Providers

iMicron follows a strategic process of selecting cloud service providers. Evaluation is based on cloud service offerings, market acceleration and customer reviews, their physical data center locations, and technical expertise. Once the process is done, they are enrolled by us on a marketplace platform.

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Abundant Amount of Options

With a presence in more than 26 countries, we partner with 15+ global cloud service providers. iMicron has access to more than 100 datacentres equipped with advanced security features needed for data security and protection.

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Flexibility in Choosing Datacentres

With datacentres in 103 locations, it’s easy for cloud buyers to choose a location of their choice based on distance, their offices, or accessibility. If you are not sure about which datacentre location is the best for you, contact us.

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Datacentre Highlights

Physical data centers are equipped with security features, network services capacity, data capacity, governed by regulatory policies, and business laws. It gives complete security in terms of data security and protection against data breaches.

iMicron Managed Services

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End-to-End Managed Services

iMicron not only offers clients fast, secure, and reliable way of buying cloud but also minimizes operating costs to increase cloud efficiency. iMicron Cloud solutions combined managed services including managing hosting, data security, and other services to give you quicker ROI.

Our managed services include:

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