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Centrally Managed Cloud

Centrally Managed Cloud

iMicron’s cloud management platform centrally manages all cloud services for cloud buyers. Additionally, they also provide them upfront “cost versus spend” for their cloud services. With a centrally managed cloud platform, buyers can maintain their entire landscape of cloud. From buying managed services to quick provision or migrating to another cloud, they manage them all with a single interface.

Multiple vendor management

Multiple Vendor Management

Multiple teams within organizations work on different platforms. Working with one or more platforms would require multiple cloud environments, which is further hosted by different cloud providers. It is time to move your workloads into multiple clouds and manage them easily without any hassle. This migration would further give you flexibility of not being tied too closely to any single cloud provider.


Ample Options

Make the right choice with evolving technologies and platforms by changing cloud strategy and requirements. Evolve your cloud consumption with new technologies and platforms. With good number of choices to make, you can choose more than one cloud or CSP, if single cloud doesn’t fulfill your requirement.

Freeing vendor lock

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

No dependency on single cloud service provider, freeing you from the problem of vendor lock-in. Without any substantial costs, legal constraints or technical incompatibilities, you can switch to different cloud service provider and start using our cloud offerings.

iMicron Managed Services

iMicron Managed Services2

End-to-End Managed Services

iMicron not only offers clients fast, secure, and a reliable way of buying cloud but also minimizes operating costs to increase cloud efficiency. iMicron Cloud solutions combined managed services includes manage hosting, data security, and other services to give you quicker ROI.

Our managed services include:

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