Data Recovery & Backup

Data Recovery & Backup

Business can leverage our data recovery and backup services to strengthen their business continuity strategies. The service portfolio is built to reduce costs, implementation and maintenance efforts, through a subscription based fully managed integrated solution suite encompassing cloud backup, disaster recovery services including the data around work area and emergency hardware services to protect business data and prevent data loss in case of any mishaps.

Service benefits:

Our cloud backup and recovery can offer scalable storage solutions to seamlessly integrate with local backup solutions, this also ensures effective data replication and ensures the data is protected and secured against any disasters. In case of any unforeseen disasters, our cloud recovery solutions will ensure business continuity by restoring the last best backup image on to desktop and laptops.

Key highlights:

  • Reduced costs in data maintenance
  • Remote data storage for faster recovery
  • Highly scalable and agile
  • Customizable and reliable
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